Training Code:


AVSEC-01 Security Management – Topical Aspects
AVSEC-02 Airport Security Staff – Basic
AVSEC-03 Training of Aircraft Operator (Airlines) staff according to Aviation Standards
AVSEC-04 Flight crew
AVSEC-05 Cabin crew
AVSEC-06 Flight dispatcher
AVSEC-07 AIS specialist
AVSEC-08 Cabin crew instructor
AVSEC-09 Supervisor
AVSEC-10 Aviation Standards department head
AVSEC-11 AO airport representative
AVSEC-12 AO gate representative
AVSEC-13 AO duty manager
AVSEC-14 AO duty officer
AVSEC-15 Passenger service supervisor
AVSEC-16 Passenger service agent
AVSEC-17 AO engineer
AVSEC-18 BS stacking and loading team
AVSEC-19 AO representative
AVSEC-20 Head of the cargo vehicles department
AVSEC-21 Head of the catering service
AVSEC-22 Head of the AO engineering department
AVSEC-23 AO Staff
AVSEC-24 Provision of cargo and mail security
AVSEC-25 Organization of actions in a crisis situation – Crisis management
AVSEC-26 Preparation of instructors according to AVSEC – Instructors
AVSEC-27 Preparation of a leadership structure by the department for AVSEC (AVSEC Management)
AVSEC-28 Preparation of AVSEC supervisors at the airport
AVSEC-29 Technical systems support for AVSEC
AVSEC-30 Aviation Staff – AVSEC Awareness
Aviation Security
Aviation Security