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SECMAN-01 Security Management – Topical Aspects
SECMAN-02 Quality Management Systems in Security and Defence
SECMAN-03 Information Security Management Systems in Security and Defense
SECMAN-04 Management Security Planing
SECMAN-05 Evacuation Planning
SECMAN-06 Design of strategic sites with a high level of security
SECMAN-07 Security Screening
SECMAN-08 Systems for video-surveillance and video-control (CCTV)
SECMAN-09 Access control of people, cars and dangerous devices/instruments
SECMAN-10 Perimeter Security Systems
SECMAN-11 Technical Security Systems – Anti-penetration alarm systems
SECMAN-12 Technical Security Systems – Thermo-Vision and Thermography
SECMAN-13 Metal detectors
SECMAN-14 Technical security systems – bomb detectors
SECMAN-15 X-Ray Scanning Systems
SECMAN-16 Computer Tomography Scanning Systems
SECMAN-17 Radiation Control Systems
SECMAN-18 Technical Security Systems – Structural cable systems security
SECMAN-19 Technical Security Systems – Screened rooms/areas
SECMAN-20 Technical Safety Systems – Fire Alarming
SECMAN-21 Technical Safety Systems – Fire Extinguishing
SECMAN-22 Technical Safety Systems – Evacuation
SECMAN-23 Security of strategic sites
SECMAN-24 Aviation Security
SECMAN-25 Corporate Security
SECMAN-26 Maritime Security
SECMAN-27 Bank Security
SECMAN-28 Security Auditing